Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sports Bra: Under Armour VS Wacoal (girls only! LoL)

Almost 3 years ago, I started to go to the gym and one day I bought a sports bra. I bought one from Wacoal that costs about 50 bucks! I was very skeptical about the quality but once I tried it, I loved it's quality and function! I go to the gym or jog outside almost every day, so it is a must item for me now. I think I wear it almost every day. Of course it is not at all sexy, so I don't wear it when I go out for a date. LoL

However, like I wrote, it is pretty expensive, so I can't easily get new ones that often.

But this month, I found an Under Armour magazine (magazine costs about 15 bucks) that comes with sports bra which costs about 40 bucks and it's quality was pretty good, too!!!

Those who live in Japan, you should check it out!!!

Unfortunately, I could just get one, so I back-ordered it yesterday ;D


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  1. Oh wow reading this post makes me feel ashamed that I don't excercise...=( SO BAD I know >< I will probably regret it as I grow older =( But I always hear sports wear is expensive too but I think it is super important to wear proper underwear!!!! You don't want things to sag hahahaha

  2. I wonder if they would be good for someone who had Breast Cancer, right now I have one gal who jiggles when I walk and run and that hurts!

  3. hi suki,

    i just wrote you back and realized it was too long... sorry. you can read any time you can ;D

  4. hi julia,

    i think there is a special sports bra that is made for someone who had breast cancer! i just searched on the net and found that it is made different. i didn't know that there is such a product! thanks for your comment. it was a good lesson and i thought i should go for a checkup someday soon. it's been a year since i had last time...

  5. i love to wear comfy sports bra for workout.

  6. I just recently joined the gym too. I was looking for workout gear when found out about Carbon38 store from an online blog. They have really great stuff there. I just bought Carbon38 sports bras and workout leggings from them. I think you should review them as well!


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