Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Cook Steamed White Rice (Gohan) - Video Recipe

Last night, I completed the first video showing you How to Cook Steamed White Rice (Gohan)!

If I stick to the quality, I can recreate it forever, so I just uploaded whatever I made... so bear with the quality...

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How to Cook Steamed White Rice (Gohan)

Difficulty: Super Easy
Time: approx. 30min
Number of servings: 4 (2 cups of rice)

Necessary Equipment:
suihanki (Japanese rice cooker)

2 cups Japanese-style rice

1. Measure the Rice:
Measure the rice with a measuring cup and put it into the cooking pot. Most of the time the measuring cup comes with your rice cooker!
2. Rinse the Rice:
With cold water, wash the rice. As for 2 cups, wash 4 or 5 times. Water does not have to be clear but somewhat clean.
3. Add Water:
Add water to the appropriate level indicated in the pot. If you have time, let the rice soak in the water at least 30 minutes.
4. Start the Cooker:
Place the pot into the rice cooker. Cover it, and press the button to start.
5. Steam:
When it's done, do not open and let it steam for about 15 minutes.
6. Toss:
Using a rice paddle, toss the rice lightly.
7. Serve:
You can keep the rice warmed until you unplug the rice cooker so serve when other dishes are ready.

The next video will be a dish that goes good with white rice!

I hope I can post it soon :)

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  1. the video quality was fantastic, dont worry too much abt it:) ur voice sounds really sweet too! i'm not really a rice lover, i prefer noodles anytime. the rice u cooked looks very fluffy and appetising! mine always turns out slightly watery or slightly dry =.=

    looking forward to ur next video!

  2. ooh great! Now i will never fail my rice! (yes i do fail it sometimes even with the rice cooker, can you imagine!?)

  3. Hi Mica,

    Always, thanks for watching!!!
    Really?! You are not a rice lover?! I thought you love it. hehe
    I hope I can post a recipe for you, too ;)

  4. Hi Jenia,

    I understand you!!! When I first used a rice cooker, I did fail. hahaha
    I was 23 (already) at that time, so don't worry ;P

  5. the only time i eat heaps of rice is when i fry the rice with spam & egg! ^_^

    looking forward to ur other recipes n cooking videos:)

  6. Hi mica,

    My darling loves flavored rice, too :) Spam makes the rice delicious!!! Yummy!!!

    I'll do my best :)

  7. Hi Ochi,

    I'm loving your video's, and i haven't heard the word Gohan since my moma died! I've learned to make perfect gohan on the stove, and have since had to go to brown rice, for health purposes! I still love white rice, but can't eat it anymore! When I get a chance I'll share some of your video's on my facebook and blog! Great job, you're born to be on camera!! :)_

  8. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your words! You made me motivated! To tell the truth, I was making a new video last night and my darling said I sound very sleepy… so I need to make them all over again and I was feeling exhausted X( It was interesting to know that my voice relates to my condition, though…

    I know you threw the cooker away but you are a good cook, so don't worry. hehe I also cook brown rice and all other kinds of rice! I love rice :D

    You can share my videos whenever you want. I hope I can make videos much better and faster!

  9. I watched this video on youtube!!! It was a great first video and Im looking forward to your cooking videos from now on! =D

  10. I hope I can improve soon, suki!!!
    Thanks for your time watching!!!


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