Monday, August 8, 2011

八昌 (Hasho)

Good morning :D

On Saturday, we finally had the famous hiroshimayaki (okonomiyaki with yakisoba) at 八昌 (hasho)! Yay! Crispy pork in between was distinctive. Yummy!!!!!!!

Their teppanyaki seafood was delish, too! I liked their sake called 誠鏡 (seikyo).

Their guts stew (もつ煮) is also famous but I can't eat, so we didn't order... can you eat guts kind?!

Yes. The festival (omatsuri) was held near home. But not that many food stalls. There were many kids dancing bon odori. hehe

At night we saw fireworks from the balcony. My darling took the pic :D

Yesterday we had a really bad thunderstorm in Tokyo due to the typhoon approached Okinawa. Now the weather is fine and too hot expecting high 93F (34C)!

I hope I can start editing my new video today.

See ya!!!

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  1. You are so pretty! =D and wow your phone is cutEEE! how are you lately? ^^ xx

  2. Sounds great! I love the matsuri season. Can't wait for Bon Odori (sp?).

    You are suuuuuper cute!

  3. Ochi,

    Nice foods!!

    I love your photo so much.You looked amazingly pretty and getting younger each day!!

    I hope you can do your makeup video someday too..

  4. hi candy,

    thanks for liking my phone! actually, i have pink hello kitty cell charm on it, but it is really dirty. haha

  5. hi ReBekha,

    i know you like matsuri ;D and i believe it is much more fun over there!!! can't wait to see your posts!!! hehe

  6. hi jose,

    oh, that's something i was going to tell you!!! i want to know what you teach :D maybe you can do the tutorial on YouTube!!!!! seriously!!!!!


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